CVFD Switches Semi-annual Raffles From Cars to Cash Prizes

CVFD Switches Semi-annual Raffles From Cars to Cash Prizes
CVFD Switches Semi-annual Raffles From Cars to Cash Prizes

The Crozet Volunteer Fire Department’s twice-a-year new car raffles are becoming cash extravaganzas.

“In the past, the winners of the cars or trucks were responsible for paying the tax on the value of the vehicle they won,” explained CVFD President Rodney Rich. “Now the tax has to be paid before the winner drives off in the car. We’re supposed to collect it. Who has $7,400 on them? That’s the average tax bill. This idea gives people more chances to win money.”

And they can pay the 28 percent federal tax with the money they won. The CVFD will deduct it from the prize.

For the spring raffle set for May 11, the CVFD will hold its customary fried chicken and barbeque dinner at the firehouse for ticket purchasers. Each ticket gets two free dinners. (All food cooked from scratch by the firemen, Rich noted.) You must present your ticket. The dinner will start at 6 p.m. and the raffle drawing will begin at 7.

Four hundred tickets are being sold for $100 each. They are available at the firehouse or from Fisher Auto Parts in Crozet.

Instead of drawing for other prizes as the countdown of ticket numbers is called, greater amounts of cash will be won for every 50th ticket number called.

So, the holder of the first ticket drawn will receive $100. The 50th ticket drawn will win $300; the 100th will win $500; the 150th will win $700; the 200th will win $900; the 250th will win $1,100; the 300th will win $1,400; the 350th will win $1,700 and the 399th ticket pulled, the just-missed runner-up, will win $2,000.

The grand prize, the 400th ticket, the last one left in the drum to be drawn, will win $16,000! (That’s $11,520 after taxes.)

The CVFD hopes to raise about $12,000 it needs for training and gear expenses, Rich said. “So long as we can raise money, we can keep the our volunteer character going. We’re all volunteer, all the time. There are 50 active members of the department now and we are answering about 800 calls every year.”

Get your ticket, fast. Back your firefighters.