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  1. May’s issue of the Gazette was fabulous! Thank you for all of your hard work. It is appreciated!

  2. Do you know what happened to the old steel sliding board that was a fixture at Old Crozet School for ages? It was still there less than two years ago. Where did it go–and why?

  3. Phil James’ article on the Bruce Greater Shows carnival [October, 2008] is a nice piece of work! The Bruces were my great-great-aunt and uncle and I heard a story about the carnival as a child many, many times. Publications like the Crozet Gazette can be important portals into local history that are just priceless. Thank you all for your hard work! I read the Gazette online every other month now to learn more about life back in Virginia.

  4. WAHS has alot of excellent athletic teams and I congratulate them all. Please do not overlook the field hockey team. Very strong chance they will win the district and be going to states, yet again, this year.


  5. A sincere thank you to Mike, Allie and the rest of the staff of The Crozet Gazette for another great year of our favorite newspaper. You inform us, entertain us and make us think about who we are and where we want to go from here.

    The Gazette has become the voice and the face of western Albemarle County for all the world to see, and you’ve got us looking very good. Thank you!

    Joe C.

  6. Hi Crozet Gazette – loved the Jan issue! For newcomers like me, in an upcoming edition could you tell us more about the Crozet flag/stickers I’ve seen around? What does the blue square with 3 red diagonal flowers (?) mean?

    I know I’m no native but want to be a part of this wonderful (and growing!) community.

    • Welcome, Newcomer! Thanks for reading the Gazette.

      In 1996, looking for symbol for the Crozet community, the Crozet Community Association investigated the family heraldry of town namesake Claudius Crozet. Three emblems for the name were discovered in old French heraldry books at the University of Virginia Library, but all were depicted in black and white. For one, the least complex coat-of-arms, there was a description of the emblem’s colors and therefore it was officially adopted by the CCA and stickers and a handful of flags were made. The colors are happily compatible with the American flag. The emblem dates from the 1300s and uses a common medieval symbol for the Virgin Mary, a rose (this particular design appears to have been common on coats-of-arms) and the color also associated with her, blue.

      You can find your own sticker around town. I know Parkway Pharmacy, Crozet Hardware and Great Valu usually have some on their counters for the taking. They are also available at CCAC meetings and the Master Plan Forums (like the one tonight at Field School).

      Good idea to include some of this info in an upcoming issue for other curious new Crozetians. Thanks!

  7. I am very grateful for the valuable service your wonderful articles and news provide for our rural community. Your content embodies the persona of Crozet, Western Albemarle, and the surrounding areas. The Crozet Gazette is our brand and our hub. Thanks!

  8. Has anyone heard about any updates for the Crozet Fireman’s Parade this year ??

    • It is scheduled for June 26, the day of the CVFD’s Summerfest. The Crozet Gazette has been notified that the parade is not taking place. Details forthcoming.

  9. Crozet Gazette, Thanks so much for your very warm and informing article concerning “The Southern Way Cafe” opening October 1, 2010. The picture of me and my family was especially special. This is a dream come true for all my family and friends and without their help, I would not have been able to do this. A special thanks to all of the customers that have been so understanding and enjoying our food. Again thanks to the Gazette for giving us a good start. Customers tell us they read about us in the Gazette and we really appreciate it.

    Southern Way Cafe
    Jason Fitzgerald and Kellie Carter

  10. Thank you for the space to allow me to voice my opinion, that is if this is where I am allowed to do it. First, I want to say Thank You Sir to Mr. Mike Marshall for starting The Crozet Gazette. I have even had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Marshall and asked him, I believe 4 years ago, to come take pictures of my Halloween decorations outside. It was a fun to decorate and even see the look on the faces of all the neighborhood children as they walked around looking at all the decor I had. I want to announce that I’m gearing up to do it again this year and, if possible, I’d like to have Mr. Marshall come take some pictures if he would. I took last year off from decorating (burned out) but I have that itch to really go big this year adding some new stuff, so this is to Mr. Marshall and others. I would appreciate it if he would contact me about taking photos of my Halloween decor this year, even though I know it’s way early to think about Halloween, lol. I would like a reply if you would, sir, and thank you and staff, and distributors, and stores who allow your paper to be in their stores or restaurants. Once again, Mr. Marshall, thank you.

  11. I’d like to challenge the cost increase estimate for the Crozet library in June 2011’s From the Editor column. The cost went from 6.9 million to 9.6 million in 2 years? That’s a 40% increase in two years which is 20% per year. NOTHING has gone up 20% per year over the past two years. Further, it appears that the economy is slipping and construction is at a low. Something is wrong and Albemarle County may be being taken for a ride. I think we need some new negotiators for the county.

    Let’s see some detailed documentation related to this exorbitant increase.

  12. And if Tom Perriello could get Albemarle County a 4% loan, then we should get the same 4% loan now. We don’t pay taxes to Washington to then go begging to some politician to do us a favor by giving it back to us. The rural loan program is OUR money, not Washington’s or some bureaucrat’s. Let’s change this disempowered taxpayer thing to an empowered and DEMANDING taxpayer. Let’s ask Sens. Webb and Warner nicely for help with OUR money. If that doesn’t work, let’s get less nice and ask the Senators again.

    BTW, I am very encouraged to read the Editor’s questioning of the federal stimulus spending which seems to have done very little for Albemarle County.

  13. Dear friends in our community,

    Most of us are familiar with the controversy concerning the closing of the Batesvile Store. This unique place defines Batesville…a classic old store along a historic road …a cool old front porch ..lots of good munchies inside…the deli, good pizza, ice cream, wonderful coffee and baked goods…local music and art. Often this has been a fun gathering place to hear local musicians. It’s an old store, but a wonderful example of how a “country store” can be adapted to today’s needs. The store is successful in what it does, and well liked by hundreds of people who don’t even live in Batesville. Every day we hear in the news politicians crowing about “creating jobs” and putting people back to work. I feel like most of that is blather and empty rhetoric when I see how that it has been GOVERNMENT that has forced the closing of a successful small business that served its community well, provided sales tax income , and gave jobs to our local people. So there was a problem with a regulation…that may just be the point here…was the store dangerous? If there was a sudden fire, could 40 customers escape quickly enough? Was any perceived hazard serious enough to sacrifice a local business just to meet the letter of the law? I’m not saying there shouldn’t be some regulations…and I don’t know all that is involved, bu it’s a sad day when a good , prospering, well liked local business is killed off. Government, at all levels..from federal down to local levels..is what’s hurting business and killing jobs. Policies like this PUNISH small business owners who do well..maybe state bureaucrats would rather a small business NOT innovate and grow? It sure seems that way!

  14. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Must a letter to the editor be “snail-mailed”, or would an email suffice? Thanks

  15. I will miss you, Mrs. Hood. You were a friend to me. I am sorry you had to go. I hope to see you again.

  16. I’m so impressed with the Gazette! Excellent news magazine! Well written and beautiful.

    We will be visiting our daughter in Crozet for two weeks in October. I need help finding available lodging, such as a B&B or other. Can you help me?

    Thank you!

  17. Does anyone know the status of the fellow who owns the Village Market on 250? I stopped by this week and saw signs saying that he apparently is having chemotherapy.

  18. Just finished reading the Nov issue…well done as always.

  19. Thanks to the Crozet Gazette for two very good thought-provoking letters to the editor in the February 2012 issue. One letter questions the public education system which so often is held above accountability– it should be held accountable especially this issue involving Pam Moran. The other letter provides some eye opening math on the wind turbine project at Henley Middle School. The latter may tell us something about the viability and integrity of the “green” energy movement proposed by Barack Obama and others.

  20. June Curry, the famous “Cookie Lady” of Afton Mountain, died today at age 91, after a recent stroke. She is known to thousands of bicycle tourists who have received hospitality and shelter at her famous “Bike House” on the Old Afton Mountain Turnpike. It all started back in 1976, as a cross country bicycle tour was organized for the Bicentennial Year to connect historic places and celebrate the history of the nation. This became the “76” Transamerica Bike Route that we know today, used by cross country bicyclists. Her old house along the steep road,not far from the Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel,was a stop for weary cyclists on their way east or west on the route. Her “Bike House” is a museum of memories and a wonderful collection of items , photographs, and scrapbooks of cyclists who have received her friendship and hospitality. Mrs. Curry received the first Trail Angel Award given by the Adventure Bicycle Association, and will be missed by many.

  21. Thank you for the good job your are doing.
    God bless you

  22. Thanks so much for publishing Phil James’ column, “Secrets of the Blue Ridge”. I, and my family, recently enjoyed breakfast with Phil at The Inn at Sugar Hollow Farm. A good bit of story telling, and listening, occurred. Good job Phil.

  23. Blue Ridge Area Amputee Group (BRAAG) is hosting a golf clinic at Old Trail Golf Club for anyone living (golfing) with an amputation. This event is FREE. This clinic is taking place on the 3rd Wednesday (11-2) of each month. The next golf clinic is May 21st. Please meet in the clubhouse for lunch at 11 am, there is no cost for lunch for participants. Golf Instruction is provided on the range by Kandi Comer, PGA professional, and starts promptly at noon until 1pm. Please contact Jeff Henderson if you are interested in attending this event. Email: jhenderson@virginiaprosthetics.com. See you there!!

  24. I just drove past the re-striping being done on 250, west of the intersection of Old Trail/WAHS. 250 was widened for the new truck stop and I wonder why the widening wasn’t extended the 50-100 feet for Brownsville Market and a left turn lane added? There is a backup every school day morning as vehicles traveling westbound on 250 try to make a left turn. Does anyone in the county review this stuff to add a dose of practicality?

  25. The Crozet Gazette is a real treasure making newcomers feel welcome as they learn about the town.

    As a newcomer (one year in Crozet) I am wondering if you publish a monthly calendar of events and performances in Crozet and I am just missing it? I would be very interested in knowing ‘what’s happening” in the “arts” as well as more general events.

    Again, thank you for publishing a newspaper with such a wide scope of items.

    • Thank you, Suzanne! And welcome to Crozet! We do publish upcoming arts events often, as space allows. Look for “upcoming community events” in the paper. Also, some advertisers announce concerts and art openings within their ads. We encourage readers to submit events, in the form of short blurbs or press releases, for consideration. We give preference to non-profit and community-inclusive events since space is limited. Email news@crozetgazette.com if you have something to submit. The deadline is the last Friday of the month. Thanks again!

  26. Dear Crozet Gazette,

    I live in Ivy and am an avid reader of the Crozet Gazette. I am writing in response to the September 4th editorial “How To Save The Bay”.

    I am disturbed that you dismiss as “squandered money” the efforts by Albemarle County to “help reduce excess nutrient and sediment flow to the Chesapeake Bay.” The efforts by Albemarle County aren’t only designed to clean and protect the Chesapeake Bay; their plan will clean and protect OUR rivers and streams, too.

    You might ask is this necessary? Are our streams and rivers in danger? To answer that, please look at a recent report from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality which declared that over 75 miles of streams in Albemarle County were impaired. That included local waterways such as the South Fork of the Rivanna, parts of the James River, Schenk’s Branch, Lickinghole Creek, Biscuit Run, Mechums River, Moores Creek, and Meadow Creek. The County’s plan will help restore these precious waterways. Even those who aren’t concerned about river and stream quality will appreciate the County’s efforts to restore wetlands that will help prevent flooding.


    Carolyn O’Neal

  27. This regards a man in his 50s approx.45 years ago. He told me he and his brother were isolated on top of the Blue Ridge in the mid to early 30s when their parents got killed on their yearly trek off the mountains to Waynesboro. They traveled by spring wagon and two horses. It was during the time the State of Virginia and or the Federal government were buying out the land owners they could and forcing others off the mountain land “in not so nice ways” to form Shenandoah National Park. The parents were killed at the C & O railroad crossing at Harriston south of Grottoes. The horses were spooked by the oncoming train and ran uncontroled into the side of the passing train cars. He gave some details of the spring and summer on the mountain with, as I recall, his 13 year old brother. A man from Crozet owned cleared land on the mountain that he pastured cattle on. Through his exchange of food and other essentials for there help with the cattle the two boys survived on their own till sometime in the fall when the Augusta county authorities apprehended them. If anyone knows any details or sources to get more information about this please contact me. A confidentially agreement between us along with my leaving the Augusta Co.

    • I was interrupted and had to quit before the blog was finished yesterday. ( it should have continued ) ……….area disrupted our relationship and my ability to pursue this further for over three decades. I am just now starting to investigate newspaper and other sources, such as older people in the area for possible information. Thank You Wayne Weaver


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