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Please call your neighborhood’s delivery carrier from the list below to have each new issue hand-delivered to your door the day it comes out. Delivery is $20 for one year.


Claudius Crozet Park neighborhoods:
Chris Breving: (434) 823-2394

Western Ridge/Stonegate:
Tyler Gale: (434) 823-1578

Old Trail/Cory Farm/Clover Lawn/Foxchase/Grayrock/Wayland’s Grant:
Austin Germani: (434) 882-4370

Highlands/Emerald Ridge/Wickam Pond/Bayberry Court/Red Pine Court:
Colton Germani: (434) 882-1935

Laurel Hills/St. George Avenue/Wayland Drive:
Rebecca Anderson: (434) 823-7440

If you are interested in becoming a route carrier, contact Mike at news[at]crozetgazette.com or (434) 466-8939.

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  1. In reference to naming the “New Main Street”, I have talked to some long time residences. The property the street runs through, was once owned by the Owen family. Their son, Dan Owen, was one of the first casualties of World War II. He was shot down over the Pacific and his body was never recovered. Maybe we could honor him and his family by naming the road Owen Ave. or Owen St.
    The area where the lumberyard is, was known as Ellison’s Grove, which would be a Crozet historical reference to the location of the new street. This would also be an appropriate name for the new main st. Please give my suggestions serious consideration. I feel these names would help maintain the spirit of history for Crozet.

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