Albert Sandridge, Red Front Market


albert_sandridgeMr. Albert Sandridge was mentioned as a “partner” in the Red Front Market [Crozet’s Hometown Grocery, April 2009] but no picture was available to you, so since I have the perfect picture, which will be recognized by so many locals, and so typical of exactly how he looked behind the meat counter on any given day, I hope you can fit it in the next issue.

Mr. Sandridge was initially hired as meat cutter and later became a partner. His sausage was the BEST and if we only had the recipe, we would be as rich as Jimmy Dean, but unfortunately, he simply sprinkled the whole hog pork pieces with the Morton Meat, Poultry and Sausage seasoning. He cut up the whole hog in a tub and sprinkled it with this seasoning before grinding. V.L. James worked for him in the meat department. Back then, long before self-service, he went in and out of the refrigerated meat box all day, every time a customer wanted steak, etc.

Noteworthy: Mr. Hovey Dabney, Banker-Charlottesville, brought his wife and mother-in-law every week to get a supply of Mr. Sandridge’s fresh-cut meat. William [Sandridge] got his driver’s license at 14 years old, and drove the Red Front pickup delivering groceries to customers and made many trips weekly to rural areas where there were muddy entrances, icy roads, gullies, etc. Also, Mr. Sandridge’s other son, Dan, worked at the Red Front Market.

Daisy H. Sandridge

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