How Local is Local?


On their opening day, I went to Harris Teeter to check out the new store.

As I was looking in the produce section, I noticed that a few items had an oval sign in front of them reading “Locally Grown.” This surprised me because I know that Harris Teeter has never carried anything local before.
Looking closer at the items, the tags said “Grown in USA.” One said “New Jersey.” One of the managers was standing right there so I asked him: “What does this mean?”

His response was: “Anything within a six-hour radius is considered local.”

Wow, at least we know it’s not from China!

Let’s support our local farmers!

Fabienne Swanson

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  1. I agree. Since the arrival of HT, my shopping habits have settled into a two to one ratio of Great Valu (2-on), HT (once) cycle, primarily for the deli and loss leaders at HT. I, too, noticed the “locally grown” label at HT and scoffed. That said, I also notice that when I do make the every third grocery run to HT I spend over double what I do in town in addition to well over twice the time to check out.

    Indeed: support local growers!

  2. Real local food is available in Crozet at reasonable prices from Horse & Buggy Produce, a local natural food cooperative, serving families and individuals in the Charlottesville, Crozet, Lynchburg, and Richmond areas. Our produce comes mainly from Old Order Mennonite farmers in the Shenandoah Valley (some is from farmers even closer than that). It’s picked fresh and delivered to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We also have meats, eggs, cheese, and baked goods available.

    We offer the following subscriptions:

    – local fruits & vegetables
    – pasture-raised hens’ eggs
    – pasture-raised meats (beef, bison, pork, and lamb)
    – spring-raised trout
    – pasture-raised chicken
    – bread and granola
    – goat cheese

    Our pick-up location is located at Old Trail Village (behind the clock tower just down from the Welcome Center) on Saturday mornings from 8:30am – 10:00am. Check us out at or just come visit us one Saturday to see what we’re all about.

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