Crozet Great Valu Scholarship Winner

Carleigh Nesbit and Jean Wagner.

Carleigh Nesbit of Ivy is the 2009 recipient of the Crozet Great Valu $1,000 scholarship. A student at Tandem Friends School, she will attend the University of Virginia next year and is thinking she’ll major in biology. Carleigh sings for the band Chick Tragic and the Roosters and once wrote a song titled “My Town” that includes these lines:

There’s a mural painted on the wall
Of the grocery store parking lot/ In the town where I live.
There’s a brown cow, a John Deere plow, and a rolling field of wheat
The way it always was, the way it still is
And the boys who work inside
Smile a country mile wide
And they carry out your bags to your car.
They thank you as they wave good-bye
Sweet as honey, every time
The way all good Virginia boys are.