UFOs: The Exposed Secret


This photo of a UFO was taken on October 8, 1981, at about 11 a.m. on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The photographer did not notice the UFO at the time, only after the film was printed. It has been extensively studied and no evidence of a hoax has been found. Image courtesy the Disclosure Project.

From his secluded home near Batesville, Greer has been leading the effort to release information about unidentified flying objects that has been concealed and classified in government vaults for 50 years. The existence of UFOs is a proven fact to Greer, not a matter of speculation. He is viewed as either one of the most credible experts on the subject or as a charlatan.

Greer is the author of Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History, published in 2001 by Crossing Point, Inc., of Crozet, and Hidden Truth–—Forbidden Knowledge, published in 2006, also by Crossing Point, which describes his personal experiences in contact with aliens. He is also the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence [CSETI].

Disclosure contains the interview testimony and some corroborating documents of 69 military men, enlisted men and officers, as well as scientists, astronauts, government and corporate witnesses to the existence of extraterrestrial life forms visiting Earth. Greer said the project has collected such accounts from 550 people as well as some 4,000 reports of sightings from pilots. At a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington on May 9, 2001, 20 of those witnesses joined him in announcing the disclosure project. Some 250,000 people waited to connect to the webcast of the conference, Greer said, and he has subsequently been interviewed on Larry King Live, Fox News, the BBC, CNN, and “every major network.” He estimates that 1 billion people worldwide heard about the conference and the project.

Dr. Steven M. Greer
Dr. Steven M. Greer

Greer will lecture on “Contact and Disclosure: Countdown to Transformation” at Piedmont Virginia Community College’s Dickinson auditorium on July 10 from 7 to 10 p.m. There is a $10 admission charge. He will lead an all-day workshop the next day on “Contact: the CSETI Experience” that will focus on meditation, remote viewing and protocols for contact with extraterrestrial intelligences. The cost of the workshop is $175.

Greer grew up with talk about spacecraft. His uncle designed the Apollo lunar landing module in the 1960s for Grumman Aerospace Corporation. He heard then that reconnaissance photos taken in advance of the moon landing revealed artificial structures on the moon’s surface, Greer said, but the evidence was suppressed.

When he was eight years old, growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, he saw, in the company of other boys from his neighborhood, a UFO. “Crystal clear,” Greer said. Later, a near-death experience at age 17 convinced him of the existence of higher states of consciousness.

Greer, a fanatic about weightlifting, trained as a physician and served as an emergency room doctor at a hospital in Caldwell County in North Carolina for 10 years. All the while he kept up his interest in UFOs. He abandoned his medical career to pursue the Disclosure Project when he realized that elected officials in the government were powerless to change policy on UFOs, which instead is controlled by secret “compartments,” in the intelligence agencies (one has gone under the name “Majestic,” he said), and ultimately by a transnational cabal dedicated to maintaining the economic and political status quo based on fossil fuel energy.

“I realized that the President and Congress were not going to do anything about it. I realized I had to make a choice. This could do so much more good than what I was doing in the emergency department.”

His home in western Albemarle has been his retreat for 11 years. Typically, half his week is spent in Washington, D.C., pursuing contacts with UFO information, meeting with political leaders and pressing for disclosure of UFO facts.

To support his contention about the existence of the covert UFO cabal, Greer cited a quote from Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii), which also appears in the frontispiece of Disclosure, though no citation for the occasion of the statement is provided: “There exists a secret government above the law with its own air force and its own navy, its own fundraising mechanism and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

Greer also points to President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about the dangers of a military/industrial complex, which, to Greer, refers to the relationship between the secret groups that control information about UFOs within the government and the private aerospace firms who research and build advanced air and space craft for the government. Eisenhower realized, Greer believes, that he had been outflanked by elements in the intelligence agencies over the UFO business, and that he was not being allowed to know what they knew. “The chain of command got decapitated in the 1950s under Eisenhower,” Greer said. “[The controlling organization] is now transnational.”

“Some things are above Top Secret,” he said.

Greer believes that George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and former CIA Director Admiral Bobby Ray Inman are in the elite group that controls UFO information. The cabal decides who can be trusted to know about UFO encounters and virtually no one is, even U.S. presidents or top military commanders. “People in power are allowed to know after an assessment of whether they will join it and cooperate,” Greer said.

When Bill Clinton became president, Greer said, he asked for information on two topics, UFOs and the John F. Kennedy assassination. The problem, Greer reports Clinton staffers as saying, is “How do we disclose that which we have no access to?” He prepared a 600-page briefing book for Bill and Hillary Clinton, but Hillary subsequently decided not to proceed. Greer ascribed that to unwillingness to know and have responsibility. Greer’s view is that those in power are ultimately co-opted by that power into maintaining the status quo because of their personal advantages from it.

“The conventional wisdom on the government is all false,” Greer said. “There are assumptions about how the government works and who knows what that are false assumptions.”

The focus of those who control information about UFOs is on macro-economic control, Greer said. UFOs are powered by “electro-magnetic gravitic devices, some sort of anti-gravity device,” Greer said. This technology and the physics associated with it were experimented with beginning in the 1920s and by the 1950s it was known that an object could become massless, he said. For a complete discussion of the history of antigravity devices, Greer suggested a 2002 book titled Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook, a writer for Jane’s Defence Weekly, a respected British defense industry trade journal.

“Literature on this subject went ‘black’ in 1954,” Greer said, meaning that it was no longer talked about in standard scientific journals.

Five hundred trillion dollars of annual global energy commodities could be replaced by these technologies, Greer asserted. “That’s 100 times the size of the annual U.S. budget. It would be the end of oil, coal and petrodollars. That’s no small thing. It would be the largest technology shift in history of mankind. That’s why it is kept secret.

“Burning things for energy is destroying the planet. It’s an existential crisis facing humanity.

“Eighty percent of Americans think aliens exist. Even the Vatican agrees. We are in a transformational moment in human history. We can’t stay on the path we’re on; it only leads to a terminal event.”

“This subject [UFOs] has been very professionally ridiculed. You can’t talk about it. Everyone’s interested in it, but you can’t talk about it for fear of ridicule.” Mockery of the subject was settled on in the 1950s as the most effective tactic for suppressing it, he said.

“The mainstream media is the most corrupt institution in the world. They are scribes taking dictation from the king.” The Disclosure Project’s use of classified documents, usually purloined, to make its case presents a problem for the UFO cabal because they are operating outside the law and so can’t challenge the documents, just as a drug dealer can’t call the police if his drugs are stolen.

“They want to maintain the status quo of economic power,” explained Greer. “Free energy would lift 3 billion people out of poverty.”

“The subject starts out seeming silly, but when you have 110-top secret officials’ testimony and documents together, that makes it dispositive.”

Greer said Lockheed Corporation’s “Skunkworks,” Northrup Grumman, and SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation), which Greer called the “crown jewel” of UFO engineering research, are the companies doing the secret research on UFO energy and propulsion technologies. He said that they have successfully engineered breakthroughs called ARVs, alien reproduction vehicles. He said the problem is that they want to weaponize that knowledge and bring down UFOs to continue to study them. Aliens are peaceful—or they would have long ago conquered Earth, Greer said—but attacks on them risks provoking their response. Instead, Greer said, disclosure of the covert history about UFOs needs to happen so mankind can decide how to contact and relate to the aliens, who he said represent a much older and more advanced civilization. Aliens are worried about man’s warlike nature. “You have to be peaceful to be allowed in space,” he said. According to testimonies in Disclosure, aliens are often observed monitoring sites where nuclear devices exist. Some witnesses say they have the mysterious ability to disarm atomic weapons.

Greer said he has been defamed since 1992. He lives behind security systems and tries to operate in groups when in public. He has other documents in hiding that would be released if something were to happen to him, he said.

Greer said UFO witnesses are typically threatened and often paid hush money—millions of dollars have been paid, he says–to keep them from describing their experiences. Some who have persisted in talking despite warnings have disappeared, according to testimonies in Disclosure.

“Fewer and fewer people in public life are concerned about doing the right thing for the nation and humanity. They are concerned about personal power.

“The technologies are too good. Presidents don’t want to upset the apple cart. Does Obama really want to a change that would lead to a new energy economy or a solution to the global warming crisis?” Greer asked rhetorically. “With communications technologies you have a global village, but in terms of commodities, it is still very centralized. The interconnected world is suffocating itself with these technologies.”

Greer said that according to Dr. Hal Puthoff, a physicist who led paranormal research for American intelligence agencies for 20 years, including on remote viewing, and who now runs a center he founded in Austin, Texas, named the Institute for Advanced Studies, “there is enough energy in a room to run the earth for a day.”

“You would still need oil to make plastics, but not energy. It’s really about power. Who runs the world? It’s really the big financial and energy cartels that run the world. The disclosure of this information and the technology will be a bigger change than anything that happened from 1850 to today. It will eclipse all that and in 20 years it will be disseminated. The people in power recoil from that. What’s worse? Staying on the path we are on, or bringing this out in a controlled way? Very few people don’t want this out. We’ve won the debate about whether it’s real. The question is will the power elites get on board with it.

“I can’t be frightened or bought off and I can’t be deceived on it. The problem I present is they can’t stop us.

“The frustration I’ve had over the last few years is not access to these people but getting them to act. Every one wants to know, but no one wants to do anything. We have to get enough people informed to create public pressure. We’re running out of time to keep playing this silly game any more. We need some kind of global contact with these visitors,” Greer said.

They are from an “ancient interstellar civilization,” he said, “hundreds of thousands of years more developed than we are. If they were hostile, it would have been game-set-match when we demonstrated the atomic bomb. What they are concerned about is our hostility. We could destroy this planet and since we are going into space we could be dangerous to other civilizations. Human civilization is the problem that has to evolve beyond the murderous monkey state. That’s the ticket to space travel. We’re not deemed ready until we become a peaceful civilization.

“The paradigm will shift one way or another,” Greer said confidently. “Do we plan for it or let it devolve? You can’t have a small percentage of people consume the greatest share of resources without creating conflict. It can’t be corrected with oil. We can’t create peace in the world while this information [about extraterrestrials] is being suppressed. We need detente with the visitors. There’s really a lot of growing support for it in Europe and Asia. My concern is that the U.S. will get left out.”

Greer said he is “working with the administration [meaning the Obama administration] to try to get this out.” He said he has recently also briefed high level contacts in another G-7 government that he declined to identify.

“I don’t mind if they call me names because the facts speak for themselves,” Greer said. “Some people think that average people don’t need to know this or they think we can’t manage this level of change. We need bold leadership and we need bold change.

“The Disclosure Project is a consequence of a dysfunctional government that doesn’t know about secret operations to target these objects and knock them down so they can be studied.”

Greer said he hopes the Charlottesville area will some day be “the Menlo Park [Thomas Edison’s town in New Jersey] of new energy. A Menlo Park of the physics of electro-magnetic systems.” He said that will depend on presidential leadership. He wants scientists now involved in covert projects released to work on civilian energy projects.

“With three months and $250,000 I could have a machine that could sit on your coffee table and run your house,” he asserted.

“I’ve had people die in my arms [in the ER] over a 50 cent beer and because somebody patted their girl friend’s ass. This is not ephemeral. I take an old-fashioned warrior view of this. Moral courage is essential. The public is so important because they have to say to the leaders, ‘We do care because we understand it.’ We’ve been lacking leadership with moral courage.

“Ultimately, you have to be faithful to your own conscience. That’s what I did, but it hasn’t been without controversy.”