Crozet Library Design Approved


library-main-street-perspecThe Crozet Library Steering Committee agreed on a design for the new library at its May 17 meeting and urged that working drawings be prepared as promptly as possible to take advantage of favorable construction costs. The design was scheduled for presentation to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors June 3. Supervisors gave their go-ahead to produce blueprints.

Committee members had just left a successful meeting with architects and other representatives of Tabor Presbyterian Church and reported hopefully on the possibility of  narrow street, 20 feet wide, connecting the new main street with Tabor Street, on land owned by Tabor Church. That would give both the library and the church access to their parking lots. The lots themselves would not be connected except by a sidewalk, but each lot might offer overflow capacity for the other. The idea creates a larger parking area for the library and eases pedestrian access to the library from the Crozet Park neighborhoods.

library-interior-cut-awayLibrary architect Melanie Hennigan of Grimm and Parker Architects announced that her firm had just been notified that a contemporary-styled library it designed in Burke (in Fairfax County) has won silver LEED certification as a ecologically sustainable building.

“We’re trying to get as much sustainable in this [Crozet] project as the budget will allow,” she told the committee.

“The building climate is terrific,” she advised the group. “That may not exist a year from now. Time is money.”

Citing construction industry forecasts, she predicted that if the library can be put out to bid late this year, it can be built for $6.37 million, or $275 per square foot. If it goes to bid in 2010, she said the cost is likely to be $7.19 million, or $312 per square foot. The County’s capital improvement budget does not schedule funding for the library before 2011. Supervisor Sally Thomas, a member of the committee, raised the possibility of borrowing to finance construction.

The motion to approve the design, arrived at over 10 months of meetings, was made by Bill Schrader, who heads the effort to raise money for books and furnishings, and seconded simultaneously by Tim Tolson and Mac Lafferty.