Last Chance Questionnaire & Ave et Vale


The questionnaire about Crozet growth issues and how the Crozet Master Plan should address them will remain available on the Albemarle County website through the Fourth of July weekend. County officials had planned to close it on June 30.

To complete the web survey, use either:, or

So far, about 550 people have completed the questionnaire. There are about 5,500 Crozet residents inside the growth area and thousands of other western Albemarle residents who will be affected by the decisions made about Crozet’s ultimate population and the possibility of large industrial or commercial developments in Yancey Mills. Everyone—ma, pa, buddy and sis—should take this chance to express their views. Readers of the Gazette wherever they live are urged to say what they think is best for the town and region. Questionnaire results will be used to set the agenda for Crozet Master Plan alterations. If you don’t plan to participate in those discussions, completing the questionnaire is one way you can influence the area’s future. Make your personal comments in the boxes provided, if you don’t see an issue of concern to you brought up in the form. If you’re taking it on paper instead of online, please return your survey to the Crozet Library—copies are available there, too—right away.

The Crozet Community Advisory Council is trying valiantly to defend the quality of life in Crozet and to ensure that local citizens determine the parameters of local development. A strong response to the questionnaire is vital to demonstrating to county government leaders that Crozet’s people emphatically care about their town and that they are watching what happens. Community sentiments documented in the questionnaire could have a powerful impact on how the plan is interpreted in implementation decisions. In politics, it’s numbers and organization that get results. Stand up for your home and claim your moral right to hold government accountable. Fill out the questionnaire while you still can. Look to see what people are saying on it in the next issue of the Gazette.

Ave et Vale

The Gazette notes with sadness the passing of Judge Herbert Pickford of Mechums River, a paragon of the bench and a reason not to give in to despair over the judicial system. His calm mien, his gentlemanly personality, modest yet shrewd, and his wise, sensitive and fair rulings all earned him wide admiration. If only all judges could be like him. No doubt St. Peter took him right in.