Crozet Questionnaire


Thanks so much to the Crozet community for a Crozet Questionnaire job well done! Both the tremendous response and the thoughtful comments are invaluable for providing critical feedback for the Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC) and County staff about what is working, what isn’t, and what we want in the future. We are counting on the community to hang in with the CCAC as we move into one more year of planning that will follow up on the survey. We’ll publicize the community planning meetings in the future, but in the meantime, if you are interested in getting more involved, the CCAC meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Meadows Community room.

Many CCAC members worked extremely hard on the survey—getting it into the community’s hands and getting the responses back and tallied. Tim Tolson, chair of the Survey Committee, did an incredible job at steering the committee and the council through the compilation and refinement of many questions. Tim not only worked on the front end of the survey, he worked on the back-end as well – getting the form to work in its on-line format and in compiling the data related to the responses. The survey would not have happened in such a professional and timely way, if Tim had not put in so much time and effort.

Others on the Survey Committee—Meg Holden, Bill Schrader, Terry Tereskerz, and Barbara Westbrook—spent hours reviewing questions and getting the surveys out to the people of Crozet and surrounding areas. All of the CCAC members worked hard on the survey and thanks go to them and to the County Staff who gave of their time, ideas and energy on the survey—Elaine Echols, Britton Miller, Rebecca Ragsdale, and Lee Catlin.

We were also extremely lucky to have Samantha Stafford, a UVA rising senior, begin an internship with the County just at the right time and choose to work on the Crozet survey. Her ability to distill key points and themes of survey responses and present them in a smart and readable format was truly impressive.

Particular thanks go to Mike Marshall for his leadership of the CCAC and for publishing our wonderful local monthly, the Gazette. Despite his skepticism of County government, Mike works tirelessly as a community representative to the County and his outspoken input on the survey was critical. Mike’s intelligence, wry sense of humor, historical knowledge, and insight make for lively and effective CCAC meetings. As editor of the Gazette, Mike either publicized the survey and published it in the paper, which spurred many to complete the survey in its paper form or online.

Putting the survey in the Gazette meant that a lot of space was devoted to a non-advertisement community service last month! Since advertising is what makes the Gazette viable, I encourage all Gazette readers to patronize the advertisers in this paper to ensure that this paper is around for years to come. We are lucky to have so many community volunteers in Crozet and a great newspaper to chronicle our remarkable community.

Mary Rice
CCAC Member

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