August Green Olive Snippets


By Sheila Freeman

It is change of season time at the Green Olive Tree.

Here is our August schedule:

  • August 1-15, $5 Bag Sale
  • August 17-22, $5 Bag Sale. A second bag can be purchased for $2.50.
  • August 24-31, Closed for cleaning and restocking
  • September 1, Reopen, stocked with fall fashions

While we are closed our energetic volunteers will be bagging remaining clothes for missions, hanging fall items, cleaning, rearranging, and as always, brainstorming.

We are always trying to find ways to improve our shop and our service. Input from the community is appreciated. Help us to be better at helping others.

In addition to our regular donations, we are thankful to announce the following gifts:

July gift of $1,000 to the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department.

August gift of $1,000 to the Blue Star Organization. Blue Star is a non-profit, non-political organization whose aim is to provide “care packages” to military members serving overseas.

Our volunteer Carol Turner has a family member serving in Afghanistan. She became more aware and sympathetic to the needs of our troops actively serving in a territory with its rugged terrain and hot temperatures. They need cotton socks, foot powder, body wipes, chap sticks, sunscreen, granulated flavoring for water, and other personal items. Cards and letters and messages from caring American communities obviously would help raise spirits. Several area churches are accepting donations to send to troops through Blue Star.

There is a Charlottesville chapter: Blue Star Families, P.O. Box 5182, Charlottesville, Virginia 22905

Visit our store to shop, to chat and learn more about the great Crozet community.