County Analysis of Crozet Zoning Reveals Possible Population Sizes


Albemarle County Community Development staffers have done an analysis of existing zoning and potential zoning in the Crozet Growth Area and calculated possible ranges for the town’s population.

Adding existing dwellings and potential dwellings allowable under existing, or by-right, zoning results in a range of 4,519 to 6,752 units. The number is arrived at by adding existing dwellings, potential additional dwellings from approved plans and potential units based on current zoning of developable land. Using a multiplier based on the 2000 U.S. Census of 2.44 persons per unit, the potential population ranges from 13,837 to 16,628. The median of the range is 15,200.

Adding existing units and potential units according to the Place Type definitions contained in the Crozet Master Plan results in a range of 6,419 to 10,084 dwellings. Using the same multiplier, the current Master Plan would allow the population of the town to range from 15,816 to 24,758. The median of the range is 20,300.

Representatives of the Crozet Community Advisory Council have met with planning officials to discuss the analytical methods and assumptions made in the study and CCAC members have agreed that the method used to calculated the ranges is valid. Most of the potential units included in “existing” figures are units authorized in Old Trail but not yet built.

The analysis also estimates Crozet’s current population to be 5,336.