Watkins Landscaping to Reuse Storm Water From Clover Lawn


runoff-tankScott Watkins of Watkins Landscaping, a landscaping contracting firm establishing its operation next to the Clover Lawn shops on Rt. 250, installed a 10,000 gallon tank in his yard in August that will collect rain water from the shopping center next door and supply him with water for his nursery stock.

“For us this is about two-weeks’ worth of water,” he said. “We hope not to have to connect to public water at all. The charge for a hook-up—just the hook-up—is $15,000.”

He estimated that the roofs of the Clover Lawn shops should collect about 250,000 gallons per year.

Watkins waters mainly burlap-balled trees, shrubs and perennials. “We are a contractor, not a retail garden center. Ours is all sold inventory.”