From the Editor: Build the New Crozet Library Now


Build the New Crozet Library Now

County leaders have notified the Crozet Library Steering Committee that they will recommend to supervisors that the project be pushed back yet again (it was originally slated to open in 2011) and not be considered for funding before 2015. This is ridiculous. Anyone who has been into Crozet Library, especially for one of their popular events, knows the old depot building cannot serve western Albemarle’s burgeoning population for another five or more years. The County should take advantage of currently depressed construction costs by either borrowing money, getting a slice of the $787 billion the federals are looking to spend on “shovel ready” projects, or by suspending the County’s annual tribute payment to Charlottesville—the so-called “revenue sharing agreement” in which only the County does the sharing—a sum which next year will run about $18 million. The library’s architects say that if the project is put out to bid by the end of this year it will cost about $6.37 million. If it goes to bid in the spring of 2010 they predict the cost will be at least $7.19 million. If it goes to bid in 2015, who can imagine. It will never be cheaper than now.

Getting Down to Business with the Master Plan Revision

The second town forum on revisions to the Crozet Master Plan will be held Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Field School. The topic will be downtown Crozet and the neighborhoods that adjoin it and issues related to land uses in the vicinity of MusicToday. The Crozet Community Advisory Council, which is hosting the meeting, will send specific recommendations for changes to the plan to the supervisors next spring. Now is the time to speak up. The December forum will focus on light industrial zoning in the greater Crozet area.

Albemarle Looks To Home Boys

We’ll see what difference it makes that two conservatives were elected to the Albemarle Board of Supervisors on election day. A lot of the choices in governing look simple until you have responsibility for them. But the victories of Rodney Thomas and Duane Snow suggest that citizens want the County budget managed with more commiseration for taxpayers. Both victors have run their own businesses, which will teach you what it really takes to earn a dollar as well as how to get along with people—since they have to be willing to give it to you. We wish them well as they take up their duties to provide common sense local government that meets the long-term needs of the County and we hope they will prove to be wise, strong and humble.

Warrior Dynasty?

Congratulations to the new Henley Warrior football club, central Virginia’s champs. With the WAHS varsity poised for an undefeated season, the prospects for Crozet fans look bright.


  1. I would like to express my agreement with the editor about the delayed construction of the new library. How much tax revenue from new construction does the county need? The crozet area has experienced a huge growth of new housing expansion limit that the county has at least doubled once to my knowledge. I think that some fact-finding would show that tax revenues have been exponential for the last decade. The county has played with tax rates and zoning and i personally have not been awarded any refund from the increased taxes. Where is the money going or gone? Where is our recycling center that we were promised? Where are our sidewalks? Do we need more people having accidents at the present library site to bring about a new library?

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