Folk Music Festival at Crozet Baptist Church


By David Wagner

Scuffletown, Jan Smith, and Robbie Schaeffer showcased their talents and entertained folks as Crozet Baptist Church hosted the community and a number of local musicians Oct. 25.

Kids games, and apple cider press, Brunswick stew-stirring and great music made for a great event. Kids games consisted of sling-shoting marshmallows at Goliath, parting the Red Sea, a beanie baby toss, video games and Halloween crafts. The Brunswick stew was a big hit along with the cider press.

Scuffletown started the afternoon playing outdoors, using a flatbed trailer for a stage, while the crowd gathered around tables and hay bale benches. Playing songs about life, love and growing up in  Central Virginia proved to be entertaining. Playing acoustic guitar, harmonica and the accordion, Scuffletown provided nostalgic sound on a crisp fall afternoon.

At 4:30 Robbie Schaeffer wowed the crowd in the sanctuary with a children’s concert. Treating the little ones with songs about animals and a great sense of humor that only Schaeffer could pull off, he didn’t disappoint. He even got some adult participation, volunteered by the kids. We won’t go into that.

At 6:30 Jan Smith took the stage and was very impressive. With only a guitar and microphone, Smith played a beautiful set of songs. Her vocals were exceptional—a sweet, sweet voice–and she knows her way around the guitar too. Coming off of a new CD and juggling a new baby, she was very professional in her approach and delivery. Look for her shows in the area. If you haven’t seen her, you’re missing out on something good.

Finally, Schaeffer came back for the “adult performance” following  Jan Smith. Schaeffer is a member of the band Eddie from Ohio. Playing songs from his most recent CD and a few EFO songs, Robbie put on a great show, including the striking tune “Independence Indiana,” a song about a young girl growing up through love and life. Look for similar CBC events in the future.


  1. It was a great family day, the music was a nice slice of professional quality entertainment in an accessible, comfortable setting. Looking forward to next year’s event.

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