To the Editor: The Batesville Store


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The Batesville Store

I have found a cure for homesickness. If you miss a sense of extended family, a warm bustling kitchen with just-out-the-oven baked goods, a place where musicians are known to drop in with a fiddle or a banjo and play a tune, then you must find your way to The Batesville Store.

In 2007, when the store (previously known as Page’s Store) changed hands, the prior owners made one stipulation. The store had to cater to the community. It needed to be a local hub, a place of community comfort.

Mom and Dad (er… I mean Cid and Liza Scallet) are always behind the counter, Cid, always ready to chat, and Liza flitting around the ovens and mixing bowls making every delightful item from scratch. Even their hand-dipped ice cream is homemade.

When Cid and Liza opened the doors two years ago, there was one lone, dusty bottle of Virginia wine occupying one of the back shelves. Today there are three shelves dedicated exclusively to Virginia wines, including wines from Pollak, Veritas, Cardinal Point, King Family, Delfosse, Mountfair and Flying Fox. The remaining seven shelves house a wide variety of wines from all over the world. The choices range from Australian and New Zealand wines to vintages from France, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Germany.

Beer and wine can be consumed on the premises, which makes me think of all the great bands that have walked through the screen door over the past year. Eli Cook, the Honeydew Drops, Jeff Romano, Bluzoni, and Second Draw are just of few of the recent Saturday night headliners. If you want dinner with your entertainment, they’ve got that, too. Cid and Liza put together a satisfying buffet drawing from their extensive dinner menu. Think comfort food. Sunday afternoons are reserved for local, upcoming musicians who usually feature an acoustic venue.

That Cid and Liza offer Wi-Fi is a testament to their willingness to keep their customers satisfied. Acquiring Internet service in this area is a little like searching for the Holy Grail. Not only can customers tinker away on their laptops, they can have a snack that they don’t have to prepare themselves. There is the standard comfort food fare: chicken pot pie, smoked ribs, polenta, jambalaya, shepherd’s pie to name a few, but one cannot always find orzo or a curried apple and sweet potato salad in the immediate area. With six different types of brownies, four cookie choices, cupcakes, breakfast breads and fudge, this local treasure could stand alone as a bakery.

Susan Williams


  1. I agree 100%, Susan. I live in Florida and in North Garden and the first two things I do when I come home to Virginia is to go to the Batesville Store and then to ACAC. I eat Liza’s great food, chat with friends in the store and then go walk it off indoors at the gym.

    Eating locally made quality food is important to our economy and to my sense of happiness. I will pay more, or eat less of something else, but I want to taste quality. I never go wrong at the Batesville Store. It is more than worth the drive to their location – and it is a beautiful drive!

    Keep up the good work staff and being a “Mom and Pop” store is always hard work. Just ask Liza who works almost around the clock. No one becomes rich owning a small store, but they have enriched the life of this county by setting high standards and maintaining them.

    If we want to keep them, we need to support them – neighbors. Tell your friends! Buy some great wine there and not at the big supermarkets. No time to cook tonight – go there and take home dinner and dessert. Buy something wonderful to pack in your childrens lunch tomorrow. EAT like it is a joy ….. see you at the gym.

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