RVCC Hopes to Buy Its Building


By Kathy Johnson

The Rockfish Valley Community Center’s top goal for 2010 is to finalize the purchase of the community center, a former elementary school, from Nelson County, according to RVCC board president Sarah Jane Stewart. “We need to impress current members and those who might become members, just how much their membership will mean to our ability to sustain the community center,” she said. “We don’t get any public funding.”

Buying the building will be a monumental step and will allow the RVCC “to move forward with plans to improve the center to meet the needs of the community,” said Stewart.

In 2009 RVCC installed a new playground, including a half-pipe skate feature, accomplished several building upgrades and was awarded a spot in the 2009 Design Marathon, which provided them with a grounds design, and enhancements for the Hamner Theater, the Auditorium and the Treasure Chest.

Also on their to-do list for 2010 is hiring an executive director to oversee activities at RVCC and launch a capital campaign.  The group also plans to hire an engineer/architect firm to design a new HVAC/Electrical system, to expand the skate park by adding a second feature or by repaving the basketball court, and to start a Boys and Girls Club by the fall.

Stewart is dedicated to improving the community center, but funding is a big issue. “People who move here are kind of surprised to learn that the county doesn’t support a community center anywhere in the county,” Stewart said.

“We have rooms available for classes, businesses—we have a new tenant, Kay Robbins Design—and we have meeting rooms. If the user is a public nonprofit, we try to make space available for free, but for a club there are rental fees for a small room or the auditorium. Our caterer is also available,” she said.

“We are trying to engage the community and one of my goals is to see more classes here. There are so many opportunities for culture and learning and gatherings at this place.” Those interested in volunteering or making a donation can reach RVCC by calling 434-361-0100 or visiting their website at www.rockfish.org.