January Crozet’s Favorite Flicks


Here’s what’s popular at Maupin’s Music and Video with a few recommendations for this month from the experts there.

Top Rentals in December

Terminator Salvation
(Action with Christian Bale)

Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian
(Children’s with Ben Stiller)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
(Children’s with Daniel Radcliffe)

Public Enemies
(Thriller with Johnny Depp)

Julie and Julia
(Comedy with Meryl Streep)

The Hangover
(Comedy with Bradley Cooper)

Inglorious Basterds
(Comedy with Brad Pitt)

District 9
(Sci-Fi with Sharlto Copley)

(Children’s with Tracy Morgan)

All About Steve
(Romantic Comedy with Sandra Bullock)

January Picks

Evan’s Picks
Public Enemies (new)
Citizen Kane

Pete’s Picks
The Hangover (new)
Days of Heaven

Rick’s Picks
G-Force (new)

Ashleigh’s Picks
Terminator Salvation (new)
Reign of Fire

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