To the Editor: Don’t Close Crozet Library


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Don’t Close Crozet Library

My name is Adeline Sandridge and I have lived in Crozet all my life. I go to Henley Middle School and I am in the seventh grade. I am really upset about the funding cuts being proposed for the J-MRL libraries. Crozet is a really unique town/village and the Crozet library is a really important part of our community.

What would Crozet do without a library? The school libraries at schools in Crozet are limited in their selections. Half of the books are for elementary students anyway! Kids and adults alike turn to the Crozet library as their source for a good read. The librarians are personable and so friendly. If you cut our libraries, where would they turn?

Second, do you know how much pleasure the community gets out of the library? They run so many programs in the summer for babysitters and their children to go to and have a good time. Programs for teens, toddlers and adults run throughout the year.

The library has been around since my great-grandparents’ time! Taking away our library is like taking away a family heirloom. So please, please do your best to make sure the voices of our community are heard and that nothing will be done that would take away Crozet’s prized possession—its library!

Adeline Sandridge


  1. Here are some ideas about how to make your views known about local library funding:

    Go to the Albemarle County website on February 26 and find out what funding County Executive Bob Tucker will be recommending for libraries in the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library system.

    Attend and testify on behalf of library funding at the March 3 and March 31 Albemarle Supervisors’ public hearings on the budget.

    Attend the JMRL Board of Trustees monthly meeting on Monday, Feb. 22 at 1:15 p.m. AT THE CROZET LIBRARY and provide public comment (limited to 5 speakers, no more than 5 minutes each).

    Contact your Albemarle County Supervisor about the importance of your library to you. If you’re a voter, let your Supervisor know how library funding affects your voting.

    Contact JMRL Director John Halliday (979-7151, Ext. 206) for accurate, up-to-date information about how the library system is funded.


    Gary Grant, Trustee (Albemarle County), Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

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