To the Editor: On How The Biscuit Crumbles


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On How “The Biscuit Crumbles”

Thanks for putting together such an excellent commentary on the current state of affairs in Albemarle County and beyond, e.g. all the way to Richmond. It could not be better said. I agree that it is absolutely ridiculous for the State to spend taxpayers’ money on buying a state park, and then subsequently on foregone tax dollars on a property that just a few years ago was nothing more than a piece of dirt zoned rural agricultural. Just think of all of the time and money, that was spent (e.g. more taxpayers’ dollars) on getting that piece of property rezoned and entitled.

I am particularly concerned about the future of our Crozet community and the likelihood that it will be destroyed should the Yancey Mills Business Park proposal come to fruition.

It appears that some of the members of the Board of Supervisors have already made up their minds as to the potential economic role this type of development can play and are ignoring the real causes for a so-called shortage of affordable light industrial land. Specifically, I am referring to the County’s proclivity to upzone land that once was zoned LI and the fact that the zoning itself includes such a broad range of uses that the property is developed for office uses instead of contractor’s storage yards.

Gardy Bloemers
Yancey Mills