To the Editor: Parks Are Good Too


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Parks Are Good Too

I am writing about the January 2010 article on page 2, “The Biscuit Crumbles.” I want to talk about the things that were left out. The article covers the financial picture quite well:  the bailout, “hemorrhaging interest payments,” tax credits, “paying for operations in perpetuity,” gambles, debt, cash. It’s all very clear.  Something bad is happening to money.

But there are other issues. There is a different way of looking at things. New York City has a park placed within easy access to a large population. More people visit parks when they’re close by. Our new park is like that, a park for the Charlottesville urban area within easy access for day hikes, picnics and other activities. Getting there people will use less gas, drive fewer miles on state roads. There will be fewer pollutants into the air we breathe.

But, perhaps more importantly, this piece of land is now a haven and a home to thousands of animals and birds that already live there and will be protected, in perpetuity. The trees, woodlands and streams now lie beyond the reach of tax credits, debts and land gambles forever. The cedar and Virginia pine can mature.  The forest can evolve. The streams will never be buried under concrete.

I think the park was meant to happen and I think that someday everyone will know that. I thank Governor Kaine for preserving this land and Charlottesville’s mayor, Dave Norris, for speaking in defense of the park as a concept.

Sky Hiatt