To the Editor: Yancey Property Owners Should Be Aware


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Yancy Property Owners Should Be Aware

My sister and I attended the Master Plan meeting on Jan. 28.

Before I was born, my parents lived in Crozet, so I have a great compassion for seeing Crozet remain personable with some upgrades. I’m also interested because of our church, Mt. Salem in Mechums River.

It was quite interesting how things went. I don’t think they were expecting such a mass of people. I spoke to one of the elderly folk who live between the firehouse and industrial area to see if they were aware of the plan and that it could possibly affect them and their properties. I’m not a resident of the area, but do know some of the folks in Crozet, on the strip as I call it, and I’m quite concerned because they are elderly now. I have a great concern for their well-being. Some may not understand what might take place.

The Yancey property owners should be aware of some graves on the property. Western Albemarle High School was built on slave graves without due respect. I don’t want what happened years ago to happen again.

Joyce Colemon