To the Editor: A Valentine


Just as the last [dance] class on Saturday was beginning, one of our student’s parents stopped in the office to ask me if her daughter was “supposed to bring a snack to share?”

Bringing a snack is not required, let alone sharing it, so in a rare state of speechlessness, I deferred to Herr Director, my wife Sally Hart.

An hour later, rehearsals for Albemarle Ballet Theater’s Spring Dance Gala began and the building resonated with hyper chatters, giggles, and all of the other happy sounds of kids, which, by the way, is why we opened the school.

At 5:30 that afternoon the studio became void of life, creating a vacuum that whispered for the kids’ return next week. Sally melted into her comfy chair as she told me about her day. “Are the kids supposed to bring a snack to share?” I asked.

“No, but sharing their food is one of their favorite parts of rehearsal time,” she explained as she dozed off.

Sally choreographs relationships with trickle-down love that cultivates friendship and team spirit and eliminates the poisoning of gossip and envy. Her sharing of all that she has is the model for the students to share themselves with the audience that transforms their dancing into entertainment.

Gary S. Hart

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