To the Editor: On PHA’s West Village


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I am a resident of the neighborhood where West Village is being constructed. I see no possible way that 72 units can be built on little Blue Ridge Ave. without major negative impact. The 6 acre tract is part of a larger 10 acre tract that sits in the flood plain. Can someone actually build 72 residential rooftops and parking for those 72 plus residents without some flood occurrence?

This over-indulgent amount of housing crammed on this small parcel comes through the graces of a non-profit called Piedmont Housing Alliance. I know people in this organization and thought highly of it till this project. I know they have salaries to pay just like any organization and are being hit by cutbacks just like most organizations whether it be the county schools or county government. The Piedmont Housing Alliance has the ability to build more densely just because of its non-profit status. I fail to see the correlation between the two. Because of this non-profit status they can excede regulations that were set forth to protect the public.

Blue Ridge Avenue has existed for at least 75 plus years and now a developer who calls itself “Green Earth Development” is going to put up 72 units. Twenty-three percent of the houses are being called “workforce houses” or affordable houses at $125.000. The county is fully supporting this development with their eyes on increased tax revenues. I live in a little cottage next to the railroad that the county raised the assessment to over $200,000 during the heyday of the housing bubble. Now, that assessment has been cut in half. I ask my neighbors and other county residents to look at the area where the development is slated to happen and tell me how are the storm waters and flooding going to be managed. Right across the street from Blue Ridge and Jarmans is a field that has long been unbuildable due to it being in the flood plain.

Let’s talk about sensible development and not something that is paying for budget shortfalls.

Cabell Coward