To the Editor: So Glad to Live Here


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I wanted to express how grateful I am to live in a community like Crozet. During February’s massive snowstorm, my son was in severe pain due to an abscessed tooth. On Friday, Dr. [Jim] Rice and his assistant Amy Campbell attempted to call in some pain medication but the local pharmacy was closed due to the weather.

By Saturday, the pain was unbearable and both Dr. Jim Rice and Dr. Jennifer Rice offered to meet us at their Crozet office, driving in the storm from Nelson County.  We began to shovel out our driveway, but the streets in our subdivision had yet to see a plow and 4-wheel drive vehicles were unable to maneuver up the hills through the ice and deep snow.

We called the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department and within a few minutes, they were at our driveway waiting to escort my son and me to emergency surgery. The gracious firefighters—Kevin Sandridge, Lewis Barnett, and Will Schmertzler—waited with us until we got into the dentist office and went a step further; they came back and returned us safety to our home.

It is not in every town where others go out of their way during a blizzard to lend a helping hand. Luckily, Crozet is just that sort of town. Thank you, Doctors Rice & Rice and thank you, Crozet Volunteer Fire Department.

Robin S. Hester