Crozet Garden Club Forms


The Crozet Garden Club held its organizational meeting March 27 at Old Crozet School Arts, thanks to Mollie Washburne, administrator of OCSA, who set up this session and volunteered the space for future meetings. After discussing whether to join an already existing club and thus have national and state affiliation, the 14 attendees voted to keep it local. As one said, “Crozet is a town with history; it needs a garden club.”

Many neighborhoods were represented—including The Meadows, White Hall, Laurel Hills, Brookwood, Blue Ridge Avenue, Grayrock, Parkside Village, Western Ridge, and Old Trail—as were many levels of gardening experience.  The focus was on the group’s mission, and people expressed interest in plant and information swaps, community gardens, conservation, and town beautification, and emphasized involving all age groups from Mountainside residents to the Roots and Shoots club at Crozet Elementary School.

A spontaneous round of suggestions for deer, rabbit and cat repellents gave a foretaste of the kind of help Crozet gardeners can give each other. The next meeting of the Crozet Garden Club will be on May 1 at 3 p.m. at the OCSA. Come find out what your neighbors are growing!


  1. There are so many things a local club could do to benefit the community. Have a conflict on May 1, but hope to get there at least briefly.

    • Hi, I’m sure the Garden Club would love a website. Mollie Washburne ([email protected]) has the email list and got together the first meeting, so I suppose she is the logical person for you to contact. Or please come to the next (second) meeting at OCSA at 3:00 on May first. Thanks for the generous offer!

      • I will contact Mollie about setting up a web site. I just made one yesterday for a new yellow cherry tomato variety I created that is perfect for Crozet. We were selling tomato starts at the Crozet farmer’s market this morning and they were going fast, but we had to leave early for a soccer game.

        Sorry I missed the second meeting I had a lot of kids stuff on Saturday.

        The website is at:

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