Earth Day is Your Day to Make a Difference


by Kathy Johnson

It’s 40 years since Senator Gaylord Nelson, a Democrat from Wisconsin, founded Earth Day. And we are still fighting excessive waste of materials and resources (in spite of a tight economy). What’s a person to do?

If you’ve made changes in your personal lifestyle, congratulations. But if you haven’t, how about starting with the Crozet Gazette. Hopefully you are among those readers who save your copy just for the historical articles that Phil James writes each month and the garden tips and the recipes and all the other great information. But, after all, you can find those stories in the Gazette archives online at So here are a few great ideas of other ways to use your Gazette when you are finished reading.

You can simply take it to a recycling center to be reused as insulation, cardboard or other recycled goods. Or, for those with fireplaces, you could make newspaper logs. How about party hats for the young and young-at-heart in your home (go online to There are also books available that can show you how to make tables, chairs and other furnishings out of your Crozet Gazette.

The Gazette makes great gift-wrapping paper and it’s economical. You can also use it as a handy outdoor tablecloth. Or shred it for your hamster cage, or as a bed for new puppies, a nest for chickens or for your compost pile. (What! No compost pile! There’s another great earth-friendly idea.)

There are hundreds more – make a kite, keep a casserole warm by wrapping in your Gazette, pack your Christmas ornaments, cover furniture when you’re painting. Or, you could tape it to the sides of a card table and make a “secret hide-a-way” for your children. You get the idea.

Then you could move on to plugging your computer, TV and other electronics into power strips that you can turn off more easily. Install a rain barrel, or two or three.

Finally, don’t forget to wish happy birthday to Earth Day on April 22.