To the Editor: Lost Treasure


It has been two weeks since our 100-year-old barn burnt down to the ground.  What a devastating day and night it was. We are thankful that no one was hurt, and no livestock were ever in jeopardy.

We wish to thank the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department, and all of the other volunteer firefighters, as well as the ambulance and EMT’s from the Western Albemarle Rescue Squad that came to our rescue. Without YOU we would have lost several more out-buildings, and who knows where it would have ended.

It was a helpless feeling to be present as part of Albemarle County’s history was destroyed, and to know there was little hope to save it.

Our sincerest thanks to you all for your valiant efforts and your professionalism.  We are ever grateful. Since we are relatively new to the area, we would love to hear about some history of the barn, see some pictures, even view some paintings we hear so much about.

Many thanks,

Alice and Stephen Takach
Rose Hill, Greenwood

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