Supervisors Honor Ben Hurt

White Hall District Supervisor and Board Chair Ann Mallek, left, and White Hall District School Board representative Barbara Massie Mouly, right, flank Ben and Maria Hurt at a recognition ceremony Jan. 5.

Crozet’s beloved Ben Hurt, the legendary principal of Albemarle High School from 1954 to 1984, placed his hand over his heart as he accepted the applause of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and well-wishers from the Albemarle High School Alumni Association at the board’s Jan. 5 meeting. Reading a resolution honoring Hurt, Mallek called him “the quintessence of a role model who had the unique ability to touch each student that passed through the halls of AHS.” Hurt was famously able to remember every student’s name, his family connections and other personal details. Mallek praised his kindness and fairness and his ability to instill in every student as sense of his or her unique value and ability to contribute to their community. Maria Hurt, his wife of 62 years, was credited with being his “mainstay of support.” Mallek and Mouly are both members of AHS’s Class of 1967. Hurt’s former students eagerly posed with him for photographs afterward. For a story on Hurt’s life and career, see last month’s Crozet Gazette, or find it online at