Magical Musical Tour at the Crozet Library Soirée


By Lisa Goehler

Music is said to be the language of emotion, and listening to music can evoke feelings of nearby places, or faraway lands. Terre Voce, the Crozet based duo of cellist Andrew Gabbert and flautist Elizabeth Brightbill, returned to the Crozet library Jan. 12, and transported the large and enthusiastic audience at the Crozet Library Soiree on a musical tour of Europe, South America, and Appalachia.

Drawn to pieces with multicultural influences, the talented musicians performed an eclectic and moving program with innovative adaptations of music originally written for a wide range of instruments, including folk instruments. The evening began with a baroque piece originally written for the clavichord, and continued with Latin-themed Tangos and Charo, a Brazilian style developed contemporaneously with Jazz. The unique arrangements of the Latin-themed pieces expanded beyond expected cello and flute techniques, producing textures and sounds usually associated with guitar and percussion. The haunting tones of Brightbill’s wooden flute transported listeners to the misty coasts of Ireland, and to the hills of Catalonia. Towards the end of the program, the duo played a folk song, “Short Trip Home,” that somehow perfectly captured the feelings of returning home to the Blue Ridge, rounding out a magical musical tour.

This was a special evening of challenging music, with impressive performances by Brightbill and Gabbert. The music was, quite simply, gorgeous! Both Ms. Brightbill and Mr. Gabbert previously played with the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philharmonic Orchestra. The Crozet community is certainly fortunate to have these talented musicians as our neighbors. This listener is looking forward enjoying more of their innovative and evocative performances.

On February 9, popular Crozet historian Phil James will be back to regale the Crozet Soiree with stories and photographs from our past. James will also give us a firsthand look at his new book, Secrets of the Blue Ridge: Stories from Western Albemarle.