Loose Track


lindy-bain-wahs-track-flapWestern Albemarle High School track and cross country coach (and math teacher) Lindy Bain lifted a loose patch on the school’s outdoor track Jan. 15, when a TV news crew came to film the track’s condition. Track athletes’ parents are worried that school budget pressures may delay track replacement, which is scheduled for next year. The replacement cost is $300,000.

Bain said that problems with the track appeared within a year of its installation. These days, rainy weather will result in domes of water forming under the track surface. The bubbles are so dangerous to run on, and the patches present so many loose edges, that Western does not host meets if rain is in the forcast, Bain said, out of concern for the runners. Behind Bain is the temporary gravel road laid across the track to allow the installation of a new artificial turf playing field in the stadium.