To the Editor: Please Ride the School Bus


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Dear Gazette Readers,

Are you one of the many motorists who clutter up Route 250 in front of the three schools every school day? It is not uncommon for the traffic to be backed up east and west of the lights, sometimes way west of Brownsville Market and often east, way beyond Gateway Market. Why is it so important that you have to transport your students to school in the car instead of putting them on the school buses and letting them ride with their school mates. You do pay taxes to have this available for you and the drivers are highly qualified, well trained and very capable to handle this job. You say it’s so they can sleep a little later, or you want more ‘quality’ time with your children. How can sitting in long traffic lines, you or them on the phone, or plugged into the ipod, or fuming because somebody is going to be late for work or an appointment be considered “quality” time? Quality time is around the dinner table or a walk in the park where they can have your undivided attention.

And another thing that is very disturbing to us bus drivers: At Henley Middle School there are some well-placed signs that read “YIELD TO BUSES.” What part of that wording do you not understand? We unload at WAHS first, try to get through the traffic to make a left into the Henley-Brownsville side of 250 and then left to Henley and left again to go behind Henley to the bus loading and unloading area. Without fail on a daily basis some parent who is in a rush, having dropped their child off in front of the school, totally disregards the “yield to buses” sign and comes flying out right in front of the school buses not caring that we have the right of way on the school grounds and we are in the left-turn mode. This is extremely dangerous not only to you but to the busload of students. If we get your attention by sounding the horn, you then look at us as if we are crazy or don’t know what we are doing. I can assure you we know what we are doing Why don’t you?

For everybody’s safety and sanity let your child/children ride the school bus. Help eliminate the traffic problem on Rt. 250 in the vicinity of the schools. Eliminate the need to even enter the school grounds to discharge your passengers at the front door. (And yes, I do understand that there are some rare exceptions.) Those of us that drive the buses are not the problem. It’s the unnecessary cars going in and out of the school grounds. So, GIVE US A BREAK! Let everybody’s day get off to a happy start. Thanks in advance.

B.W. Samuel


  1. My kids are taking the bus and I am amazed at the lengths they go to keep our kids safe. Thank you so much for taking such good care of them!

  2. Mrs. Samuel speaks well from her many years of school bus driving experience.
    Thank you, bus drivers, for watching out for the children.
    arents, please allow your youths to ride the bus.

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