From the Editor: Give to the Fireworks Fund


Give to the Fireworks Fund

The Crozet Community Association is leading an effort that unites Crozet’s many civic groups to put on our traditional Fourth of July celebrations at Crozet Park. For years the parade and fireworks show—and for many years a carnival too—were sponsored by the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department, who once again are a critical part of the effort. As often as you can hear the sirens of emergency vehicles dashing down our roads, you know our volunteer firefighters are already making huge personal sacrifices to serve their neighbors. We should all show some of their spirit.

This year the parade day will be Saturday, July 2, which is the day the fireworks company is available for us. Mark your calendar now. The parade will start at 4 p.m. and follow its usual candy-strewn route through downtown to the park. The 20-minute fireworks show will happen around 9:30, after dark but not too late for young kids to stay up. In between, there will be food, music, games, raffles and other fun at the park as we show how happy and proud we are to have the friendly, generous community we make here in western Albemarle. Bring a lawn chair and watch the Peachtree League coaches play a team of firemen for softball bragging rights. It’s one day in the year we should all get together.

On behalf of the Downtown Crozet Association, which has taken on the job of raising money for the fireworks show—it will cost $6,500—the Gazette appeals to citizens to make a donation. Please send a check made out to the Downtown Crozet Association to Fireworks Fund c/o The Crozet Gazette, P.O. Box 863, Crozet, VA, 22932.

The committee that is organizing the celebration will meet again at the Crozet firehouse Wednesday, May 18, at 7:30. If you can help, please join the effort. There are many details to attend to. Come to the glass doors at the back of the station. Many hands make light work.