Summer Reading Club Sets New Record

The scene at Crozet Library's 2011 "Cookie Countdown."
The scene at Crozet Library's 2011 "Cookie Countdown."

Nearly 150 people jammed into Crozet Library August 2 for the “cookie countdown,” the culmination of the summer reading club for kids. The librarians teased the crowd a bit after they held up last year’s book count—9,891—and implied that this year, youngsters’ reading enthusiasm had possibly diminished. But the spirit of Claudius Crozet, impersonated by Julia Grammer, just back from theater camp and in impressive costume and sporting convincing sideburns, intervened to get the truth out. This year, Crozet-area kids have read 12,298 library books so far this the summer, with 630 children participating in the club.

The evening included a performance by drummer/musician Billy Jonas, who coaxed the kids into making up a song about Crozet Library with him and inspired the crowd to belt out Bill Wither’s Lean on Me. When he asked kids to name their favorite books they volunteered The Ranger’s Apprentice, How to Steal a Dog and Dinosaurs Before Dark.

Librarian Wendy Saz reported that 7,400 patrons had used the library in June and 7,500 people had come in in July. Funding for the new library remains nonexistent, she said, though final blueprints for building it are virtually complete. County supervisors paid to have the drawings done in order to be able to solicit construction estimates on them and the issue of funding it is supposed to be revisited in September. Construction of the parking lot for the new library began in late July. Supervisors Ann Mallek and Duane Snow were on hand for the event.