Food Network Says Crozet Pizza Has Virginia’s Best Slice

Moe Ewing
Moe Ewing

Crozet Pizza chef Moe Ewing was kept busy August 2, the day after the Food Network picked the Crozet landmark’s white mushroom pizza as the best slice in Virginia, part of the network’s cross-country search for the best slice of pizza available in every state in the nation.

“We don’t know how the Food Network found us,” Ewing said.  But their representative did come in and ask for that pizza.

A combination of shitake and portabello mushrooms, it was the very first pie ordered the day after the announcement was made, Ewing said. In the end she made eight that night.

“It’s a great hit,” said Ewing, who admitted she rarely made that pizza before it became famous. “It looks great coming out of the oven.”

But “hands down,” she said, “the town’s favorite Crozet Pizza is The Special,” a combination of pepperoni, onion, green peppers, mushroom and sausage that accounts for at least 25 percent of all orders.
“We love the support of the town. We love knowing everybody in town and knowing what they are going to order when they come in. I was so so busy [after the news], I almost booked up just on take-out orders.”

She reminds customers that reservations are not taken except for parties of 10. Crozet Pizza makes about 120 pizzas a night on weekends, she said.


  1. Crozet Pizza has always been one of the BEST, I will be back in Oct. from Montana for AHS 76 reunion and to have some of both the white mushroom and The Special. Yumm for the future!!

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