From the Editor: A Dead Cougar


A Dead Cougar

We note that a male, 140-pound cougar was killed by a car on a road in Milford, Connecticut, in June, where, just as here, wildlife officials assure us that this is an impossibility and claim that cougars are not found east of the Mississippi. When cougars were frequently spotted in our area and two credible photos of them were taken, one here in Mint Springs and another in Craigsville, the testimony of witnesses was pooh-poohed. Only a cat corpse would amount to proof. Well, here’s your dead cougar.

Interestingly, DNA evidence showed the Connecticut cat, which locals had reported seeing near a school a few days before it happened to be struck, was a native of the Black Hills of South Dakota. DNA samples from it had been taken by chance in Minnesota in 2009 and Wisconsin in 2010. This peregrinatious cougar, which had roamed over some 1,800 miles, is not likely to be truly solitary. Who sees a mouse in his kitchen and thinks it has no kin or is not interested in any? For testimonies of sightings in Virginia, look at the website called Cougar Quest Virginia.