To the Editor: PARC Meets Matching Grant Goal


PARC Meets Matching Grant Goal

The Crozet Park Board issued a challenge to the community at large a year and half ago to raise $200,000.  The park board agreed to match this with another $200,000 to build a year round recreation and swimming facility at the Crozet Park. Last summer the project received a grant from a local foundation for $60,000 to be awarded only if the community raised the other $140,000.   We are excited to announce that our community has successfully reached that goal!

With the expense of replastering the pool earlier this spring, the Crozet Park Board needs  to raise additional funds to meet their match challenge. The Crozet PARC Planning Committee hopes to help with this by planning another Party for the PARC fundraiser this Fall, so stay tuned!   Our goal is to start construction on both the recreation center and dome in late winter or early spring with a September 2012 opening of a year-round aquatics facility.

In other news the Crozet PARC is excited to announce that the park has been awarded a $25,000 grant toward three new Quick Start Tennis courts for the park. The United States Tennis Association in association with Quick Start Tennis of Central Virgina made the award in August. Anyone interested in bringing tennis back to Crozet Park is welcome to come join our new Tennis Committee. Visit to learn more about the project and get involved in making the Crozet Park a year-round fitness destination affordable for all members of our community.

Heidi Sonen