To the Editor: Vote For Mallek


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Vote For Mallek

Our current Supervisor, Ann Mallek, is running unopposed for the White Hall District Supervisor seat, but I would encourage everyone who supports her to vote for her in November’s election. Ann has shown a real commitment to good government and balanced decision-making.  She has hosted 18 town halls to find common ground for the many different views of people in our District. I am proud that our Supervisor was one of two Supervisors who stood for open government recently and voted not to change the Board’s rules at midnight, citing the importance of citizen input and awareness of important Board decisions.

Here in Crozet, Ann has advocated for our town time and again, championing the changes requested by citizens in the revision of the Crozet Master Plan and ensuring the adoption of the Downtown Crozet Zoning District.

She has led the charge in the County for so much that has helped all sectors of our community.  She ensured that a new ordinance was put in place that helps farmers by supporting farmers markets, farms stands and off-farm sales for farmers. Wineries have benefited from Ann’s work on the winery noise ordinance, which in turn helps all of the businesses that profit from our local winery events.  She’s helped local businesses by ensuring the all applications coming before the County are reviewed with clear processes and staff responsiveness. Ordinances for small home occupations have been improved thanks to Ann.  Her representation on the WorkForce Center board has improved the ability of displaced workers in our County to receive job training.  The volunteers in our community can be proud that Ann led the effort that resulted in a Volunteer Protection Ordinance for our Fire and Rescue.  Readers and parents in Crozet have depended on Ann to keep the Crozet Library construction bid moving forward, and it has.  Businesses and shoppers at the Square are thankful for the effort Ann has spent working to resolve the parking issues with CSX. Many of us have counted on Ann to ensure that development projects in our community get the careful review that we all deserve. And there are countless citizens who have received individual assistance from Ann on the many large and small concerns they have brought before her.

Ann has made a lot happen in the past four years and we should be proud of her. You can show your support for her by casting your ballot for her in November.

Also, if you want to have some fun and show some support for Ann and the community, come on out to a square dance, sponsored by Ann, September 24 at 7:30 pm at the Greenwood Community Center. Admission is a donation to local community groups.

Mary Rice
Sugar Hollow