Walk to School Retraction


Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to see that a front page article in the September issue of the Crozet Gazette incorrectly stated that a student at Henley Middle School had been suspended for walking to school.  I can assure you that this is not the case, and would have been happy to inform you of this prior to publication had you contacted me.  I am sure that the Gazette strives for complete accuracy of facts in all of its stories, and would appreciate a retraction in the next issue that sets the matter straight for the community.  Thanks for your attention to this.  Please feel free to contact me at Henley if you would like to discuss this more.


Patrick J. McLaughlin, Ed. D.
J. T. Henley Middle School


Editor’s Note:

The Gazette apologizes to Henley Middle School Principal Patrick McLaughlin and to its readers for reporting without confirmation as fact the assertion made before the Crozet Community Advisory Council at its recent meetings that a student had been suspended for walking to school. No parent will come forward as the source of this claim and The Gazette regrets the harm caused by its publishing something that is not true.

Michael Marshall