To the Editor: What’s Needed to Get the Job Done?


What’s Needed to Get the Job Done?

The cost of the Crozet Library is more than just the money and a promise not being fulfilled. It is also the denial of our cornerstone to the community. The future of our downtown economy and commercial center is dependent on this project.

Our community is ready to raise our part of the monies, $1.3 million for the furnishings, books and interior presence. But we cannot start this process or even write our first letter for matching grants until the final go-ahead has been given by our county supervisors.

The county could take out a federal loan at cheap interest rates, that had been spoken about in the Nov. Crozet Gazette, to help cover the small amount not dedicated to the library at this time.

The chance to get this lower cost loan may not be available for long at this rate. So, act now to start building our library in this year. Our hopes are up and we are waiting for their response.

I ask the Crozet community to express your commitment to our future library and future downtown commerce by writing not only our supervisor, Ann Mallek, but the other supervisors as well. We need to continue making our voices being heard and asking for what we feel has been promised to us. If you have already written, please write again. Thank you.

Meg West