To the Editor: Supervisor Ann Mallek Schedules Town Halls


Supervisor Ann Mallek Schedules Town Halls

Dear Crozetians,

Thank you for your confidence to send me back for a second term representing the White Hall District. You are vitally important to success, by sharing your insights about problems and solutions in our community. Unlike some radio hosts, I believe “community” is a good word, conveying a sense of caring about neighbors, local business success, our children’s futures and the protection of the environment that helps us to lead healthy lives. None of us is alone on an island; we are all connected to sink or succeed together.

This month I will host three citizens’ town halls. Police Chief Steve Sellers and school board members should be in attendance. In addition to the budget details, I ask for feedback on any other issues of interest. I will gather topics every 30 minutes to prevent leaving issues unaddressed. Please join me at an upcoming meeting:

Tuesday, March 13. 7 p.m. Town Hall with Pam Moynihan at Broadus Wood Elementary cafeteria.

Saturday, March 17. 1 p.m. Town Hall with Steve Koleszar at White Hall Community Center.

Monday, March 19. 7 p.m. Town Hall with Eric Strucko and Ned Gallaway at The Meadows on Crozet Ave.

We will discuss the timetable for ordinance changes for rural area businesses such as bed-and-breakfast rooms in outbuildings and food service at farms, as well as changes to county process to “fast-track” applications to help our economic recovery.

There are many other questions. What are your thoughts on cost-recovery billing to insurance companies only for ambulance transport? Should changes be made to ordinances currently allowing burning of household trash in our backyards? Are you concerned about drug use in the school-age population?

Updates will also be provided about upcoming VDOT projects in the White Hall District.

Actions of the General Assembly as the session ends will affect the local budget. State government has passed us the bill to restore funding to the state retirement system by requiring an additional $1.4 M each year from Albemarle County. Sadly, the Governor did not repay the loan he took from the retirement system, calling it “surplus” and handing out bonuses to state employees.

General reductions in funding for schools, for mental health services as patients are returned to their communities, for maintenance of roads (unless matched 50/50 by local funds), and cuts in funding for commonwealth’s attorney, sheriff, and jail budgets will hamper our ability to fund our local future. It is unknown today what the Governor will do as the bills pass and come across his desk.

What is known is that we all can work together. Many of you help me to be well informed about issues of particular interest to you. We will continue to work together to fund the completion of the Historic District application and the furnishings to the Western Albemarle/Crozet library.

Thank you all for your assistance. Very sincerely,

Ann Mallek