Crimaudo Crowned Miss Mountainside 2012


by Connor Andrews

Sally Crimaudo, Ms. Mountainside 2012.

After a long and entertaining night of performances from all contestants in the Miss Mountainside Pageant, Sally Crimaudo was crowned Miss Mountainside 2012. In the front of the Mountainside Senior Living dining room decorated with heart shaped balloons, Crimaudo stood in awe at her accomplishment. “I’m quite surprised,” said Crimaudo, who had never competed in the pageant before this year, “I think it’s wonderful; it gets everyone together and we all have fun. It’s a fun time.”

The dining room of Mountainside Senior living was filled with friends, family, and local community members who came out to support the participants. The pageant’s judges included Francis Morris, Patty Baber, Elbert Dale, and Betty Ferneyhough. In front of this gathering, the participants demonstrated to the judges their humor and experiences through anecdotes from their past, and flaunted their talents ranging from the poetry readings of contestants Mary Wegner and Joyce Fincham to the crocheting by Sally Sue Blose. Dressed in coconut tops and straw skirts over their dresses with flower necklaces, Pat Young, Rebecca Garrison, Janet Breeden, Millissia Monk, and Sally Crimaudo all participated in a hula dance for their talent. With the music playing in the background, all five stood on stage and performed a well rehearsed routine to the crowd’s applause.

Emcee Tammy Sue Besecker introduced each contestant and made sure, the best she could, that they “kissed and swished” on their way through the crowd and up to the stage. She asked questions of the contestants about their life, their hobbies and interests, and even a few questions about when they had their first kiss, allowing the judges and the crowd to learn more about each person. “[Tammy Sue] does a wonderful job,” thanked Crimaudo after the competition.

Mae West (Alberta Corey) entertained the audience while the judges totaled the scores.

First runner up went to Rebecca Garrison and second runner up went to Evelyn Grimes. No participant left empty handed, however. The award for “Biggest Flirt” went to Polly Connor, “Best Overall” to Lucy Chambers, “Funniest” to Montru Roudabush, “Miss Congeniality” to Mary Wegner and Joyce Fincham, “Most Outgoing” to Janet Breeden, “Most Outrageously Interesting” to Pat Young, and “Sexiest” to Darlene Pritchett. “Best Talent” went to Helen Stone for her performance of singing “The Hills Are Alive,” and  to Ruby Witt for her singing of “Freight Train Blues.”