Crozet School Attendance Boundaries

A detailed view of the current school attendance areas inside the Crozet growth area. (Click for full-resolution PDF)

The existing attendance area boundary for Crozet Elementary School snakes through neighborhoods in eastern Crozet. The most recent redistricting of Crozet Elementary students took children from Browns Gap Turnpike and White Hall and sent them to Meriwether Lewis Elementary in Ivy. A shift two years earlier moved children in neighborhoods north of Jarmans Gap Road to Brownsville Elementary.

More on the Crozet Elementary dropping attendance issues in our February and January editions.

The Crozet Elementary school attendance area. (Click for full-resolution PDF)


  1. This article is not correct regarding the timing of recent redistricting actions affecting Crozet Elementary.

    On March 22, 2007, the School Board approved a redistricting of Crozet Elementary students to alleviate overcrowding. The action, which took effect in the Fall of 2007, included the following transfer of 53 students from Crozet:
    – To Meriwether Lewis (24 students), students living on Browns Gap Turnpike and Garth Road (from White Hall to Albemarle Lake Rd)
    – To Brownsville (29 students), students living on the south side of Jarmans Gap Road and Crozet Avenue (from Jarmans Gap Rd to Route 250)

    Following is a link to the “Board to Board” report that includes this information

    A larger redistricting of students from Crozet to Brownsville (Grayrock) was effective in the Fall of 2009.

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