Crozet Independence Day Parade, Celebration, and Fireworks Canceled After June 29 Derecho

Crozet Volunteer Fire Department evacuates Mountainside residents

The Crozet fireworks show set for Saturday evening June 30 at Claudius Crozet Park has been canceled, not to be rescheduled. The Albemarle County fire marshal declined to issue a permit for the launching due to safety concerns. The fireworks show had been tentatively rescheduled for Sunday evening at 9:30, but the park, still without power, has been determined by the fire marshall to be unsafe for the event. Local rescue and fire departments are still working overtime this weekend.

Organizers of the parade and celebration canceled the event after the Friday evening storm knocked down a pavilion at Claudius Crozet Park and left local residents without power.

The Crozet Volunteer Fire Department cancelled the parade early Saturday morning. Crozet firefighters worked all night and by Saturday afternoon most were near collapse after a strenuous night of coping with emergencies.

The CVFD used its ladder truck in the line of duty for the first time Saturday morning to evacuate elderly residents from the upper floors of Mountainside Senior Living. Without power the elevators could not function and residents had a hard time coping with the 100 degree heat without air conditioning.

One resident of Decca Lane in Ivy was killed when a tree fell on him during the storm. Another local driver was critically injured when a falling tree struck his car.

Collapsed Claudius Crozet Park pavilion