The Lodge Goes Live

Judy Bowes, Lodge executive director; David Spicer, Lodge owner David Hilliard, Norma Wood, and State Senator Creigh Deeds

The Lodge at Old Trail hosted a grand opening event June 21, with the generous and tasteful hospitality the facility is getting known for. At least 250 people came to enjoy free wines and appetizers and check out the club-style ambiance of the common areas.

Longtime Crozet resident Norma Wood, who for 30 years accompanied the choir at Crozet Baptist Church and was the first Lodge resident to move in, got the honor of making the ribbon snip.

Lodge owner David Hilliard thanked his wife Helen and credited Martin Brother Construction with getting the building built on schedule. He stressed that The Lodge is going to be a community, oriented inter-generationally, not a facility.

Local business leaders from Charlottesville and the Valley heaped encomiums on the project. State Senator Creigh Deeds called The Lodge “visionary.”

Referring to Hilliard, Deed’s said, “Part of the spirit of America is to take a chance on a vision, to work hard and to have it pan out. This is economic development. And with the Baby Boomers retiring, this is smart. It’s going to enhance life in Crozet.”