To the Editor: Groundwater Gripes


Groundwater Gripes

I enjoy reading the Crozet Gazette, but there are times when I think to myself, “I’m glad I didn’t pay a lot for this newspaper.”

I’ve complained about the Weather Almanac authors before, but their recent journalistic forays into groundwater (hydrology) in the June & July issues are downright schizophrenic.

In June they wrote, ‘Our water table is normal and should be adequate to last in the hot weather for the next few months’.

In July they wrote, ‘Our water tables are below normal and the driest at this stage in quite a few years’.

What are we to make of this? In one month our groundwater levels go from normal to driest in years!

I don’t know if the Crozet Weather Almanac people know this or not, but groundwater depletion/ recharge is more appropriately measured over time frames on the order of years, not months (or month!).

My suggestions to the readers of the Crozet Gazette are these: if you want to learn about history, read Phil’s column. If you want to learn about nature, read Marlene. And, if you want to verify what you already know to be true…that it was hot in July, by all means read about it from the Crozet Weather Almanac columnists in the August issue of the Crozet Gazette. But, if you want to learn about groundwater, seek out the qualified professionals at the U.S. Geologic Survey.

Robert Butler


Editor’s Note: Ouch! Fluctuation noted. Whatever the explanation, we know for a fact that no meteorologists write a more informative and witty journal of the mysteries of weather than Roscoe Shaw and Heidi Sonen.