Christina’s Household Hints: Storage


by Christina Shoup

In my quest to have a clean, well stocked, functional kitchen, I have found organization to be key.  Having the right storage container and knowing how to store everyday items can be a huge help.

When storing dried spices, try using small stackable plastic containers (I found mine at the Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft).  Label the outside of the containers so you know what you have.  Being able to stack the spice jars will free up room in your cabinets.

Buying other bulk goods is also a great way to shop. When you get home, pour the dry goods, such as oatmeal, flour, sugar, beans, rice, dried beans, etc., into mason jars or any old, washed, container you have with a good seal. This will help extend the life of your dry items while keeping the pantry organized.

To keep lettuce fresher longer, try cutting the lettuce to desired size, soaking in water for 10-15 minutes, then spinning or patting dry.  Store the lettuce in a plastic zip seal bag with a dry paper towel on top and seal it 3/4 of the way closed. The paper towel draws excess moisture off the leaves while keeping them crisp. When you’ve eaten the lettuce, wash and reuse the bag.

Not only will proper storage help to organize your kitchen, but you will also be cutting down on waste and stretching your dollars at the grocery store.