Joseph Taylor Gets a Trail Bridge

From left: Crozet Trails Crew leader Jessica Mauzy, Alex Fahey, Jade Burns, Bob Drombrowe, Kris Taylor, Ellie Taylor, Margaret Kramer, Joseph Taylor, Sean Taylor, Scott Hilles, Janet Phillips, Leslie Burns (sitting), Pat Phillips, Dan Mahon and Dan Jordan.

The Crozet Trails Crew gathered September 22 at a creek crossing just west of Western Ridge to snip a ribbon to celebrate the completion of the crew’s first structure, the Joseph Taylor Bridge. Taylor won the right to have the bridge named after him by winning the inaugural Crozet Trails Day 5K last October as an eight-year-old (!), beating experienced and fit adult runners. A plaque on the bridge memorializes the accomplishment.

“Thanks for letting me come and for your work building this,” Taylor said to the crew and friends.

The bridge is six feet wide and spans 16 feet. It is designed to carry a Gator and is on six concrete footings.

A crossing on the same trail nearer Westhall is the candidate location for the next bridge project. “We’re going to need a lot of boardwalks, too, that could get names,” said county greenways planner Dan Mahon of Crozet. “This is an important step toward pulling the trail together. Bridges are essential.”

The trail from Lickinghole Creek Basin to Westhall is now open, but there is no public parking near the trail ends, explained Mauzy. When finished, this section of trail will connect Western Ridge to Crozet Park.

The bridge was built from the proceeds of last year’s Crozet Trails Day. Blue Ridge Builders Supply provided the lumber at cost. This year’s trail day is Oct. 21. It will feature the 5K race through Old Trail and tree-plantings at Crozet Park.