Spirit Walk Evokes Crozet’s Past


Kathy Nathan portrayed Dorothy Earp, the woman who organized the first Crozet Library in part of what is now Crozet Hardware, in the Field School’s fourth annual Spirit Walk, performed Oct. 26 and 27.

Actors, local citizens and Field School students daubbed their faces with white make-up to convey their ghostly nature and portrayed characters from Crozet’s past at a dozen locations between The Square and the school.

The first library started in 1907 with 100 books and a 25-cent membership fee. Others portrayed included June Curry, the Cookie Lady who tended to bicyclists crossing Rockfish Gap; Archbishop Frederick Neve, who established many area churches, plus Blue Ridge School and Mission Home, Cloven Maupin, survivor of the famous train wreck of “the old 97” outside Danville, Afton-born Billy Vest, the popular yodeling country singer of the Depression Era, and a young Meriwether Lewis.