To the Editor: It’s Everybody’s Road


It’s Everybody’s Road

I was a little shocked to hear the citizen’s story in “Old Trail Speed Limit Unreasonable,” published on October 7, 2012.  First, in my view, and as a resident of the Old Trail suburb of Crozet (as I like to think of it), Allie Pesch is exactly correct: the speed limit coming down the hill into Old Trail from Hwy 250 is ridiculously slow: the visibility is excellent, the road is wide and smooth, and there are no residences until one reaches the top of the hill—which would be a good time to slow from, say, 35 m.p.h. to 25 m.p.h.

Second, I regret that Allie Pesch or any others have been given the message—by the Crozet police or anyone else—that Old Trail is somehow explicitly or even implicitly off-limits to through-traffic going to or coming from Crozet, or anywhere else, for that matter. The road Ms. Pesch mentions is, of course, a public road; it is an excellent way to get from Hwy 250 to Crozet, if one is going that direction, and that option for travel is obvious.

What I would like to see, instead, is that residents of Crozet be welcomed to use that piece of road, to frequent the growing “town-center” of Old Trail and its nascent businesses. I regret to think that residents of Old Trail, of whom I’m one, would imagine some sort of privilege that Ms. Pesch indicated the police implied. If I was a resident of Crozet proper, I would now, especially now, as frequently as possible exercise my right to travel Old Trail Drive from Hwy 250 to County Road 691 coming to and from Crozet. We look forward to seeing you!


Ed Ledford


  1. Elitism ??? – Crozet, VA — are some officers and city / county officials crazy ?

    Just because THE DONALD is again an Albemarle County property owner does not make the area any more special than before he arrived.

    I’m a native of Crozet — reside now in TN — it would break my heart to think that some people think that they are better than others !!!

    CITIZENS : Use the road all that you need to — YOU paid for it — it is yours.

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